Monday, January 16, 2012

It Came to Pass, Not to Stay

Luke 24:4—And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout, behold, two men stood by them in shining garments:

The scriptures use the phrase, "it came to pass" in 452 different places, that my friend is a lot of times for one particular phrase to be mentioned. It should give us much peace to realize that no matter what the situation, it came to pass, not to stay; you can find great consolation in that fact.

No matter how dark the day, no matter how long the night, it only came to pass, never to stay. It does not even matter how horrible the news, how terrible the pain, how horrific the results, it too shall pass. The good news is that our heavenly father is in control, no matter the situation, no matter the despair, no matter how dire the circumstances may seen, this too shall pass.

I can expect some to say, but you do not understand, this may take us to the graveyard, yes it very well may take you there my friend, but remember this, the graveyard is not the end, it is really the beginning. As my uncle was getting ready to pass on over to the other side, he asked his brother if thought that he would feel the sting of death?

After a great pause, my other uncle told him he did not know, he never experienced death, but he assured him of one thing, he would not have to cross over alone, he would have a friend and a guide. Our heavenly father will not abandon us, he has not brought things our way to stay, and he will see that they pass, they may not pass by swiftly, but my friend they will pass.

What are you facing today, does it seem to have settled in, seemingly never to go away, don't worry, fret not, it will come to pass. One day you will look back and realize that your heavenly father brought you through safely, the storm paused momentarily, but it pass eventually.

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