Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback 2/23/14 Edition James 1:19-27

94.4 inches of snow to date in South Bend but I am still standing, the Macedonia roof  hasn't collapsed, no leaking in between the shingles and the gutters are still standing. God be praised!!!!!!

We had a wonderful time in the Lord this Sunday. I was absent this past Sunday as I worshipped with my best friend and newly installed Pastor, Rev. Kevin D. Moss and the Antioch Fellowship Church. The Lord has blessed him with a wonderful wife and a following church family. Great things are in store.

Even though I love being around other churches and Pastors for inspiration and illumination, there is still no church family like Macedonia at 1862 N. Olive Street. The spirit was high, attendance was packed, money was great, I pray the replication of the word preached today will be even greater than the numerical numbers of people and finances.

We thank God for our minister of music Jovan Lewis for allowing God to flow through him as the Praise team and choir were on point today. One of our directors and praise leaders, Brother Charles Coleman is stepping out more in faith on the platform God is building for him God was heavy in the place even I sang................................ gotta be quick, my folk will stop singing and start recording and I'll be on Youtube or facebook some where.

We continued our Bible Study and Sunday Morning preaching series in the book of James. It is shouting me and killing me all at the same time. This morning we dealt with James 1:19-27 "A Belief that Behaves".

Building on the idea that trials attack us from without and temptations challenge us from within, and it takes the wisdom of God to help us deal with them, we expanded the idea to this wisdom is found in the word of God, not the listening to but the doing.

In order to deal with the temptations and trials of life and make our Belief behave we must:

Remove those things that Hinder us: vs 19-21
Receive those things that Help us Vs 22
Review those things that Hone us Vs 23-25

If we do these things, our action principles of the text will be:

We will respond to those that are Hurting Vs 26
We will React to those Hurting people in a Holy manner Vs 27

I left a lot on the table but the good thing about preaching and teaching this series is, what I miss on Sunday, I get on Wednesday.

I pray service was great for you. Pray for us as we are traveling back to OKC AGAIN, as my oldest daughter Rachael is being inducted into the national Honor Society. If I can run for churches, members, districts and state conventions, then you better believe I will run, jump, fetch and light a match for my daughters.

Rachael, Daddy is proud of you and if some boy tries to come and congratulate you in my presence, there is gonna be a misunderstanding,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, don't worry pretty girl I won't embarrass you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monday Morning Quarterback 2/2/14 Texas Edition

It's 34 degrees here in Fort Worth Texas and people are complaining its cold, meanwhile it is the teens in South Bend where another 4 to 7 inches fell last night raising our snow total year to date to 80.9 inches of snow and the report I received was church was packed, lives were changed, money was good, To God be the glory!!!!

Special thanks to the assistant to the Pastor, Reverend Derick Buggs who is in training for ordination for carrying on services today. I didn't want to miss a service so soon in the new year but I had to eulogize my mentor Reverend Aaron A. Jackson Jr, Pastor of the Forest Hill MBC in Fort Worth, TX.

I have always said, Pastor A. Glenn Woodberry and the Greater Mount Olive BC gave me birth but it was Forest Hill MBC and Dr. Aaron A. Jackson, Jr that gave me life.

It was good to see many people who still love me and pray for me and yes I am 60 lbs bigger than when I left. (at least) Why is that a bad thing? That just means Macedonia MBC has been taking care of their Pastor. That is what you prayed for, right ?!

While the service was going on, I realized I have no more senior pastors left in my life except, Dr. J.A. Reed Jr. Please pray for his wife Sis Pat Reed and the entire family as well as the Fairview MBC of OKC.

Also, Please pray for the Forest Hill MBC family and the Jackson family as they deal with this loss. God is able. Again, thank you to the Jackson family for allowing me to stand.

Good to see Dr. Rickie G. Rush, Pastor of the Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) in Dallas, TX again. Great job officiating, I learned much.

It was wonderful to be around the legendary Dr L R. Drinkwater Sr., Pastor of the Redeemed MBC in OKC. Truly, he has forgotten more than I ever will learn. Don't ever try and tell him he only has two minutes to talk, LOL

Special thanks to Pastor Jack A Crane and Pastor James Worthy of the True Vine MBC of Fort Worth, TX and City of Refuge Baptist Church of Fort Worth, TX for all of their hospitality that was shown to me. It will be my honor to return the favor when you travel to South Bend. Ministers who make room for a visiting member to preach simply off a eulogy are special brothers. Glad to see the fraternity of fellowship among Pastors still exist.

My apologies to my church family but God is in control. The airports to Midway and South Bend Regional shut down Saturday due to snow and planes were cancelled here in Dallas Fort Worth this morning due to freezing rain and ice. So glad, I had some where to worship.

With a 7:30 and 10:30 preaching service behind me, I am ready to go eat at Pappadeaux Seafood. GLORY!!!!!!!!!

I hate I am missing the legendary Super Bowl party with my Pastor and friend Dr. Keith D. Witherspoon.

I want the Broncos to win today as I am going with Peyton Manning. I just feel he is a class act who still isn't recognized like he should be. Manning isn't liked in South Bend due to most South Bend fans are more Bears fans than Colts fans. Either way, I'm cheering Broncos.

Love the Seahawks but I feel you must suffer before you reign. They haven't suffered yet, to me.

Praying for open airports and safe flights back home.