Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1st Edition of Monday Morning Quarterback

Strength and Blessings to you as we thank God for another day of life. We had a great time in the Lord on Sunday at the Macedonia Church. For the first time in a long time, we had room!!! After 108.1 inches of snow for the year for the first time in 170 days the temperature got above 60 degrees.

That may not be a big deal where you are from but that is a national holiday up here. It is the holiday called, "WE AIN'T GOING TO CHURCH TODAY HOLIDAY". Blizzard, church full, 30 inches fell last night, church full, sun shining no clouds in the sky and it is warm, Pastor I will see you next Sunday.

Church folk acted like roaches do when the lights come on, they left. Good thing I was always taught, don't fuss at the people who are there about the people who aren't. plus I understand, it was a beautiful day. (did i just call church folk roaches.......nah it was an example)

Although we missed our early vacationing members, we still had a great time in the Lord finishing up our Growing Up in Christ Series on the Book of James preaching James 5:19-20 "The Church's Position to the Backsliders Problem. The Lord blessed.

It is Winter Thaw here so our churches are in service almost every Sunday catching up for the winter months we were in hibernation. We worshipped with the Zion Hill MBC and Pastor Chris Derrickson as they celebrated their 28th Church Anniversary. It was an honor to go, The fellowship is always both refreshing and rewarding and God let me preach a little bit.

My voice thought I was back home in the South, warm outside, hot on the inside and had voice too. It was a great time. Preached Deuteronomy 8 "How I Got Over", It was good just to have the responsibility to preach again and not the burden to teach or cast vision.

Felt so good I decided to invade Bethlehem MBC where my boy Pastor Keith D. Witherspoon is Pastor. It was musical time for their church "A New Song for a New Season". The worship was amazing and the choir ministered under the power of God. Very proud of Bethlehem and Pastor Witherspoon.

I think they trying to start a choir war in this town the way they sang. We concede at Macedonia. We can't do it like the big church does. Thought Witherspoon was gonna sing but he chickened out, lol.

Lots of work, limited time but an all powerful God, sounds like a great combination.