Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anger Management 101 for Men

I had a great time last night teaching our Men's Bible Study at the Macedonia Church. I am blessed that so many men are being open and honest in their dialogue concerning anger. We are studying ANGER MANAGEMENT 101 using the Bible as our Primary Resource and "WHEN GOOD MEN GET ANGRY", The Spiritual Art of Managing Anger by Bill Perkins.

It is interesting to have such a wide array of ages in the Men's class because it gives us a unique perspective to view this subject. While I will admit this is a necessary and needful class for the men of our church from the Pastor to the Pew, I would contend this is a necessary class for ALL MEN to take.

We studied last night from Numbers 20:1-12 where Moses lets his anger get out of control and his disobeys God while lashing out at the people. It's a typical day in the life of Israel, God provides for their needs, God protects them from danger, God preserves their existence, but as usual the people complain.

The most blessed people on the face of the earth, AND THEY COMPLAIN. Spoiled beyond belief, AND THEY COMPLAIN. Blessed going out and coming in, AND THEY COMPLAIN. Blessed so well you can't describe it and should realize they don't deserve it, AND THEY COMPLAIN.

In our class, we are attempting to identify our triggers. What sets us off! What takes us to that point! For many in our class and many reading this blog, you may be able to admit that incessant complaining, whining, nagging from unappreciative people who never seem to be satisfied can work your last nerve.

To wake up and here complaining, to go to bed and here complaining, to go to work and all through work you here complaining, to come home and still here complaining, and to further your anger, to be blamed for someone else's hardships can almost be too much. VS 3, The People Blamed Moses

We all have to deal with anger. The EXPERIENCE of anger is not a sin but the EXPRESSION of anger if not handled in a Spiritual way can result in a sin. Even though the end story of this encounter Moses had does not seem positive, it can have some concrete convictions for us to live by.

Moses did two things that you need to learn every time you get angry.

I. Moses turned away from the Source of His Anger Vs 6

Before you black out, before you lose it, before you see red or see nothing at all, there is a point, a moment, a chance for you to turn away. To stop looking at the person, to stop listening to the criticism and have a moment of pause before you respond. This is Proper Expression! IMPROPER EXPRESSION WILL LEAD TO AN UNNECESSARY EXPLOSION.

It isn't easy but it is possible. You can turn away from the noise and pollution that is driving your blood pressure up and find comfort. However, just turning away by itself will not work. After you turn away, you must turn too.

2. Moses turned to the Source of His Advocacy Vs 7-8

When you deal with the Experience of Anger and feel toe Expression coming, what do you turn to?
Some men turn to their Keys, I am leaving I am out of here don't want to here it
Some men turn to their TV, turn the volume up to drown the noise out
Some men turn to their bunker or man Cave for peace and solitude
Some men turn to their bottle to numb away the ability to hear and process the noise
Some men turn to their side chick or jump off for an oasis in their desert


There is more to this story but my Pastor taught me to always end on good news so I encourage you today, there is someone that wants to help you in your time of trouble but you have to turn to him. He wants to aid you and give you advice but you have to turn to him. He is waiting with open arms to exchange your disgust for His delight. Turn to him today


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Donna said...

Thank you for sharing this...I never thought of looking at anger in the Bible before. My husband has anger management problems and he is getting help for it. One thing that has worked for him has been the techniques he found at I hope others that read this blog can also get help from this website.