Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day #26 of 100 Day Campaign Update

I have been engaged in a 100 Day Campaign here at Macedonia to meet individually with every member of the church, whether they are a helper or a hater, critic or supporter, faithful or wayward, I want to try and cultivate a personal relationship with each member. I have been encouraged so far by the lessons learned and the conversations that have created a more intense desire within me to stay within the will of God.

Although I have only met with 62 people so far, the quality of the conversations has far outweighed a numerical total. When I initiated this concept in 2008, many members did not meet with me as they thought this was a gimmick and trick that new pastors do in an attempt to seem friendly. Because of the history of the last pastor, many didn't think I would stay in South Bend this long, so they waited until I had been through a winter or two.

I am glad to report two winters later, many members who wouldn't meet with me last time came in to see me. I am still amazed by how many church members have never had a one on one meeting with their Pastors unless it is a tragedy or trouble.

I ask many questions so that I may ascertain the view of the church from a member's point of origin. I also ask questions as it relates to me as a Pastor/Preacher etc. Admittedly, loaded questions that can open a can of worms but more times than not, it has been revealing; either of the member's issues or of mine.

Mother Duckworth, a sweet woman with an honest and straight forward tongue gave me a life-changing comment I wanted to share. Mother said to me, "Pastor you are doing a great job, keep it up; however, you need to be more Pastoral and not Presidential." I was at a loss.

She continued to say, "Pastor, we watch you! When you walk into a room, you will shake every hand, wink, point, hug, or make contact with everyone and then five minutes later, YOU ARE GONE, moving to the next appointment, headed to a meeting in your office, running, running and more running. You are Presidential, always moving. Pastor you need to SIT DOWN"!

Mother Duckworth gave me this advice, "It seems you are still trying to prove to everyone you are the Pastor, or you are trying to prove you are worthy, instead of realizing God has called you here and its time just to walk in that calling," so she looked at me and said "SIT DOWN, if you would walk into the room and SIT DOWN, you wouldn't have to shake every one's hand, everyone will come to you and shake your hand.

By SITTING DOWN, you will SLOW DOWN before God has to PUT YOU DOWN. Mother smiled and said I love you. I look forward to learning more during this 100 Day Campaign. Thank God for Mother Duckworth!



Rev. Barney said...

tell mother Duckworth she was not just talking to you, but to me as well. I am so glad I logged on to your post today. I just got blessed and helped.

Ronald said...

Praise God for mother Duckworth.



Anonymous said...

Man the lessons we learn from being open and transparent. This is very challenging I am sure Ray. I pray your ministry will be the better and that your people will see more the glory of God through the good that comes from this.

Praying for you brother,

Tony R.