Monday, February 23, 2009

Pastor A. Glenn Woodberry's 25th Anniversary

I want to thank the Macedonia Baptist Church for allowing me to go back to my home church, Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church to help celebrate my pastor and father in the ministry, Pastor Rev. A. Glenn Woodberry's 25th Pastoral Anniversary.

In 1984 a man from Blossom, Texas came to the Mt. Olive church and revolutionized ministry within the state of Oklahoma and throughout the surrounding areas. Pastor Woodberry took a church of 300 members and transformed it into a membership of well over 3,000. He did this not through gimmicks, gadgets or gizmo's but rather he did this through sound preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

Pastor Woodberry is one of God's best preachers. YES I AM BIAS BUT THE MAN CAN PREACH. One would never know by the way Pastor Woodberry conducts himself that he pastors such a large congregation. He preaches revivals in the smallest of venues and accepts engagements in places where he has had more money in his pocket than the church had to pay him.

He has been a counselor and a sage for young pastors everywhere and anyone who has heard him teach a pastor's training class has left amazed by his willingness to share his successes and his failures to prevent us from making the same mistakes.

Many of you know that Sister Patsy Woodberry has been sick for sometime and many of our churches have been praying for her. This has been hard for pastor and the church as well. I am glad to report in the middle of service today, we saw a vision of the words Abraham said, "Is there anything to hard for God", as Sister Woodberry surprised us all by walking into the church and stood by her husband and we beheld the power of God.

Months ago she couldn't open her eyes, speak a word or get out of bed. Doctors said it would never happen but God said today would be the day. Pastor started crying and we all joined him and the minister of music played Amazing Grace and the CHURCH WENT IN.

All of the Sons of the Ministry left our pulpits today to come home. We weren't on program, we just wanted to bring our presence and our pocketbooks. Pastor was shocked and touched. Pastor Emeritus W.B. Parker preached the morning service and the legend Dr. J.A. Reed, Jr., preached the afternoon service.

It was great to see these Pastors and when Dr. Reed gets wound up, there is no one like him. I was amazed how strong he still is after all these years. Pastor Reed has pastored for over 46 years at Fairview and Pastor Parker had served for over 43 years so needless to say I shut up and listened to every word spoken.

I thank God for the training I received under Pastor Woodberry, the privilege of being his assistant for 7 years and the honor that I can say I am his son. I pray God gives MY PASTOR, 25 more years in service and blesses Sister Woodberry with equally long life.

After today, ready to run even more,



Rev. Barney said...

I know the joy of coming home. I rejoice with you for being able to sit at the feet of such an honorable man of God. No there is nothing to hard for God. Isn't it good to know that ever now & again God let's us mere mortals peek behind the veil?

If you don't run, I will.

Ronald said...

May God richly bless you for honoring your pastor.

KJV Revelation 19:7 Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.

In the words of a great preacher, Keep Running


Pastor A. A. McGhee said...


You are a son (in ministry) that any pastor would be proud of. Thanks for sharing your special weekend with us.

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Owens, I am certain that you had an experience yesterday that words really fall short of providing an adequate description of.

I want to express the fact that I am one of those young pastors that have been blessed to receive great mentorship from Arthur Glen Woodberry.

I am forever grateful to Pop Woodberry, because it was in the year 2000, that A. Glenn Woodberry allowed me to stand in that pulpit and share my convictions about Jesus Christ. And I know that Pop Reed killed everything.

Keith D. Witherspoon said...

I am so gad that you had a great weekend, but next time you leave take the snow with you because it began to snow as soon as you left.

Maybe that was the Lord's way of cleansing South Bend. He had to wait until the dirt left!!! LOL!!