Monday, September 5, 2011

131st Annual Session NBC USA Inc.

I thank God for safe travel from South Bend, Indiana to Orlando, Florida where I am participating as a Pastor and Preacher in the 131st Annual Session of the national Baptist Convention, USA, INC.

Sunday was a great day at Macedonia. The praise team and the choir ministry were on point. The numbers are growing but more importantly the chains are coming off the people and the praise. It was a typical Labor day crowd for South Bend and Macedonia but the level of worship was different. We focused on the fact God was there and not who was not there.

The Lord Blessed our sermon beyond our preparation. The level of peace and power I had was nothing but God-given and I am grateful for it. We stepped out of our "Blesses Life" series in Psalm 1 and preached a sermon out of Exodus 24:15-16 "Clear Reception on a Cloudy Day"

I. Sacrifice for our Atonement Vs. 4-8
II. Stay in the Area Vs. 15
III. Saturates the Atmosphere Vs. 16a
IV. Speaks to announce His Arrival Vs 16b
V. Don't be Surprised How God will Appear- Vs 17

I learned a valuable lesson Sunday. It is a bad idea to teach Teacher's meeting, Prayer Class, Preach Sunday Morning, Conduct Lord's Supper and then get into a car and drive into Midway Airport BY MYSELF because I will be WAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLEEPY.

As usual, The Lord saved me from myself. Went the entire day without eating, so I had a nervous and upset stomach before flying but God allowed me safe passage into Orlando.

I pray that this will be a productive and powerful week. As much as I love and miss Macedonia when I am gone, it is still good to leave every now and then. I have the honor of preaching in the Moderator's Division of our convention. I appreciate the Vice-President at Large of the Moderator's Division, Dr. Marion J. Johnson for allowing me this opportunity.

I also will get the chance to see friends from across the nation and enjoy some of the best preachers in the nation. Late-Night services have Rev Elliot T. Ivey (Poison), Rev Clinton McFarland, Rev. Tellis Chapman and one of God's greatest preachers, Rev. A. Louis Patterson preaching this session.

It will be a great time in the Lord.


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